Stardust Ego-t battery, 650 mAh - Metallic Purple

Stardust Ego-t battery, 650 mAh - Metallic Purple




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Product type: ACCESSORIES

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A single Metallic Purple Ego Stardust battery, 650mAh, featuring a 5 click locking function to protect against accident activation and a 10 second cut off to conserve battery life and avoid overheating. The Stardust Ego battery is compatible with all components in the Litejoy Stardust range.

The Stardust ego battery is 7.5cm long.

The full Stardust Ego Kit and Stardust ego accessories are available separately in the Stardust Ego range.

What else do I need: If you haven't purchased a Stardust ego kit, you would need to purchase the following products in order to use this Stardust ego battery: Stardust Clearomiser, Stardust Ego usb charger and Eliquid.

For more information regarding the maintenance of your Litejoy e cigarette battery, visit Electronic Cigarette battery care.