Ego-t USB to Mains Charger

Ego-t USB to Mains Charger




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Product type: ACCESSORIES

Vendor: Litejoy


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The Litejoy Ego Crystal electronic cigarette 3 pin mains charger is compatible with the Ego Crystal electronic cigarette kit and batteries, fully charging them in approximately 4 hours. This charger can be plugged into any 3 pin plug socket making it perfect for the home or office! To use the Ego Crystal 3 pin wall charger, simply screw your Ego battery into the bottom of the Litejoy Ego Crystal USB charger (not included), insert the usb charger into the 3 pin mains charger, then insert the 3 pin mains charger into the plug socket and leave it to charge until the LED light changes from red to green, your Ego electronic cigarette battery is then ready to use! The Ego 3 pin wall charger requires a Litejoy Ego Crystal usb charger (available separately in the Ego-t section).