Ego Crystal Battery - 510 Thread
Ego Crystal Battery - 510 Thread

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A single Litejoy Ego Crystal battery 1000mAh (510 thread), compatible with the Litejoy Ego Crystal Dual Coil Clearomiser (510 thread).

The Ego Crystal battery (510 thread) is matt black and silver, and features a purple LED power button. Battery length 8.5cm.

For more information regarding the maintenance of your Litejoy battery, visit Electronic Cigarette battery care. Need help with your Ego Crystal? View the Ego-t troubleshooting guide.

What else do I need: If you haven't purchased a Litejoy Ego Crystal Dual Coil (510 thread) starter kit, you would need to purchase the following products in order to use this Ego Crystal battery (510 thread): Dual Coil Clearomiser, Ego Crystal USB Charger (510 Thread) and E-liquid.